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John Whittingham, Nude in a Serene State  34X55"  Oil on #12 canvas  $1,250 CAD

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What is happening now

The prices posted here are very unsettled.  The work I produce is also in a state of change.  Two websites should be sufficient when everything is resolved, but in the meantime I will be experimenting with four.

What I choose to work on, and the direction that I take, pretty much determines what I produce.  It also decides what I get rid of.   Even my resources and preparatory measures are frequently reallocated.

A lot of older work has been destroyed and continues to be culled.  Stretcher frames with an older, cruder method of construction continue to pile up - headed for disposal at the local eco station.

Eventually, the selection of art work that I wish to present for exhibition and the pricing will be established.  By then some of the works that you see here, will have disappeared.

I continue to eclipse work that I did just a few months before. No doubt this contributes to my problem but the effort itself remains paramount.  Apologies for the chaos.

John Whittingham


18.5X30"  Oil on #12 canvas

30X60"  Oil on #12 canvas