J o h n   W h i t t i n g h a m

In the Studio

August 13 2020 

Brush count  527

DeSerres has reopened at a new location in the West Edmonton Mall

Using unbleached titanium white and maroon colours in skin shadows

Completed addition of winch system on fourth easel

Improved a followup design for pivoting photo holder, built last month

2nd model session after CoVid lockdown lifted

Basis prepared for radical analysis, attacking art institutions in Canada

Exploration in the application of an earlier hyper texture development

Plan and resourcing for year-end painting objectives

Devised simple tonal check on digital images to assist work using major shadow

Painting light in the undertones of skin shadows - underpaintings and unusual pigments in the creation of chromatic greys


... and more





Settable mahl stick for larger canvases